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  • Interior Decorating

    Interior Design Brisbane

    The philosophy of interior decorating is to understand your personality, preferences and style and then incorporate them into a harmonious space. This may range from the ‘shabby chic’ which exudes a certain softness and warmth, to perhaps the ‘modern minimalistic’ that displays coolness and energy. Either way, the décor is welcoming, and clearly illustrates all the things you love best in a home.

    Let’s look at how interior decorating might transform that particular room or space in your home. It must be examined from the perspectives of space, (scale and proportion), flow (how you are guided to specific areas) and function (how and when you use the room). An example would be redecorating a lounge room. Does the space permit the use of large items of furniture, or is compromise necessary to allow for more individual seating? As well, how can the placement of these chairs improve or maintain good room flow, especially if more than one entry/exit point is necessary. If the area incorporates a tv, will it be clearly visible from all positions? Although these factors seem obvious, it’s the attention to detail that helps execute a successful outcome. By this point we’ve only covered half the story. Sure, furniture/accessories and how they’re arranged is important, but what about colour, texture and lighting? There’s a few secrets that all good designers know to take a room to the next level. .

    Colour can transform your home and have a great decorative impact. It’s not just about choosing the wall colours (even though this should be one of your first decisions) it’s also making patterns or prints ‘work’. For instance, a Hamptons styled room will involve a lot of blue but we shouldn’t forget the complementary hues of browns, sandy yellow, white, and even gold. The décor also needs finishes that appear elegant yet slightly understated. Next we need to think of texture. This style demands light wooden features (wooden tables and chairs, timber flooring), statement mirrors, palms and exotic plants, luxurious bed linen and perhaps, just perhaps, that rather expensive looking chandelier. Coastal American to a ‘T’! .

    This moment shouldn’t pass without reference to lighting. There are three types to consider: ambient (general lighting), task (used for a specific function such as a kitchen bench), and accent (helping to draw attention to a particular object like a painting or plant). Balance and adaptability are key when it comes to light fixtures. They help set the tone and mood, for example a chandelier implies opulence; warm wall lights suggest intimacy and relaxation.

    As you can see, there are many elements of interior decorating. Through consultation it’s my role to first understand your requirements for your home, then harmonise them into a creative outcome that will surpass your expectations. So allow your creative juices to flow and let’s create an inspirational vision for your home.

  • Property Styling

    Property Styling Brisbane

    Preparation to sell your home can be a stressful and complicated process. The good news is that some of this pain can be relieved by first seeking advice from a Property Stylist. A simple 2 hour consult before you start the big clean up can guide you in the right direction and potentially save time and money. The service provides information about decluttering, furniture placement, storage suggestions, undertaking minor repairs/repainting, cleaning advice, and other general presentation hints. A Stylist can also draw up a quote to stage and style the home for you. In fact, we believe it is an important investment!

    The opportunity to maximise the visibility of your home on the internet via appealing photos should not be missed. Your Stylist understands how to optimise room presentation using eye-catching colour, flow and texture elements that translate effortlessly into an engaging online display. Ultimately this creates an enhanced value which is sure to pique the interest of a wider cross section of buyers. Remember, the more people that come for a look, the more competition, the better the chance of a sale!

    Once a buyer steps inside the home, they immediately see well-presented spaces. Wherever possible positive attributes are highlighted, negatives are minimised. The Stylist will create settings that have life and personality which in turn stimulates that crucial emotional attachment.

    You can now begin to understand that property styling is a useful tool for home marketing but there’s also other important aspects. A survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR, 2011) has found that a staged home is more likely to be sold above the asking price and generally spends less time on the market than an unstaged home. In addition, the NAR revealed that a 1 – 3% investment on staging can often yield an 8 – 10% return. Who wouldn’t want that?

    Property styling helps to present a home to its full potential. It works on the premise that first impressions are imperative, and there is a need to develop strong emotional feelings in the buyer’s mind. Styling promotes competition amongst buyers and in turn this translates into a faster sale at a higher price.

  • E-Decorating


    This service is making decorating accessible to everyone. It’s for those with a busy lifestyle, or perhaps living outside the city, who don’t have the opportunity to meet with a decorator. So if you need someone to give ideas about how to refresh tired-looking rooms and then enjoy doing a bit of DIY at the end, this service is for you. All you need to be is sufficiently savvy with a computer to exchange information and photos. The concept requires clients to provide details about their home, the size and number of rooms requiring decorating, their specified style and a few other facts. At the other end is a decorator who can both make suggestions based on the latest products, trends and styles, and work within any budget constraints you may have. Once you are happy with the outcome, you can put it all together at your leisure!

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