About Meraki Home Design's Carly Dibble

About Me

With over ten years’ experience in merchandising and styling for other companies I decided it was time to develop my own interior design business that held the vibrance of my personality and my love for creating beautiful spaces in the home.

Meraki Home Design was then established in 2015. Meraki means love, soul and creativity. The definition beautifully highlights my passion for all things interiors. I love discovering quality products that create a sense of soul which turn a house into a home for someone to enjoy and call their own.

Meraki Home Design Queensland

I also have a 'don't be afraid of colour' mantra where I will subtly encourage clients to step outside their comfort zone and see the room in a different light.

I have worked on projects of every spectrum including a diversity of homes and apartments from old to new, hotels and commercial offices. I can design a package to suit your individual requirements focusing on functionality, visual appeal and style. On consultation I will meet with you to understand your tastes and needs and guide you on how to make the most of your space.

Carly Dibble Interior Decorator abd Property Stylist in Brisbane

Having a recent addition to my family, I have now extended my services to children’s nurseries after enjoying decorating my own. Nursery’s and children’s rooms are fast becoming a creative extension to the family home and a fun space to be creative with.

With interior design I aim to open your eyes to a world you may have never considered. My work is full of meraki and through this I will help you get a brilliant result making a place for everyone to love.